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Live worldwide news, straight to your device

From 100+ news sources and social platforms

Chaptur is a new online platform that brings you the news at the moment it happens. By following social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, and indexing new updates within seconds, Chaptur is able to pick up news topics sooner than any other search engine. We bring you the news before it's breaking.

A new definition of news

Events like the Arab Spring and the rise of the Occupy movement demonstrate what techies have known for a long time: news doesn't need the press to travel the globe. While broadcasters resort to reading tweets to their viewers, the web allows us to bring you all the news, live. From the streets to your screen in seconds. Chaptur puts you ahead of the curve.

Chaptur works in all modern browsers and is optimized for your mobile devices, so you know what's happening, wherever you go.

Sebastiaan Besselsen

Sebastiaan Besselsen

Engineer, founder

I have made a career finding simple technical solutions for complicated problems. I was R&D manager at EXED internet for 4 years, and have studied mathematics at Utrecht University out of love for the subject.

Benny Schuurman

Benny Schuurman

Creative, founder

I am able to convert new ideas into visual concepts, products and services. I started my first (web development) company at the age of 17 and sold it after 9 years to a partner in 2010.


Concept engine ExtendD (part of the MixCom Media Group) works on various web and mobile startups. By mingling technical and creative skills, we come up with new, innovative business ideas. We try to fund and launch most of them ourselves, but are also looking for companies to partner with.

Please let us know how you feel about our products and services, and what improvements or extra features you would like to see.